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About Us

Capri Cache Store is an online shop, with the aim of providing a facility to the geocaching community of South Africa to purchase geocaching related merchandise.

Capri Cache Store aims to provide other novel ideas to the South African geocaching community.  We are still in the process of sourcing items, so please be patient and check the website regularly.

Capri Cache Store is the result of a dream of team GEO936 that started about two years ago. Over time Silvia decided that she would go ahead with this dream with Rolf supporting in the background.  When speaking to fellow geocachers at Events, we found that there was a need to be able to provide the community with geocaching products conveniently and timeously.  We are aware of other shops in South Africa; but we still believe that there is a need for more shops in the local community and that we can all work together.  The market is certainly big enough.

This shop has been established in honour of my Dad - Virgilio Antonio Fernandes Jardim.  My Dad is my hero, my mentor, my inspiration and I love him dearly.  Each day I give thanks to God that he is still with us. He is the most positive and happy person I know and this shop is in honour of him.  It went live (officially) on his birthday - 18 June. 

My Dad's first business that he owned was called "Capri Cash Store" and used to stand at the corner of Arthur Rd and the R55 in Crowthorne. Just up the road on Mercury Avenue was our home.  I was a month old when the house that my Dad built was ready for us to move in.  Capri Cash Store played a significant role in my entire childhood, until the age of 14.  I remember as a young girl, around 8 or 9 years old, walking to the shop with our maid to collect something or take something to my parents.  My Mom also worked at the shop.  It was a General Dealer kind of shop and you could find almost anything you needed there.  It served the surrounding community of all walks of life and is where my parents learnt to speak Zulu, as well as some Afrikaans (my Dad only - my Mom could never grasp the Afrikaans language).  When I was about 10 years old, I used to walk to the shop every Saturday morning and pack the bread into plastic bags for R2 (the old note). With those earnings, I saved up to buy things that I so wanted but were not essentials on my parent's list.  I always remember my Dad as being friendly and efficient in his shop - making the customers laugh and providing an awesome service.  Sadly, my Dad suffered but survived a severe heartattack when I was 13 years old, and was not able to go back to work for a long time.  My Mom ran the shop with the help of our extended family with my cousins taking turns to keep it going.  It got too much for my Mom and when the opportunity came to sell it, my parents took it and the shop was sold.  That was the end of my Dad's Capri Cash Store but its legacy and fond memories remain.

When I was thinking of a name to call this geocaching shop, I realised that "Capri Cache Store" would be brilliant. I spoke to my Dad about it and he was so thrilled and honoured at the prospect of his shop's name continuing through my geocaching shop. My Dad loves geocaching and the concept of geocaching. Capri comes from the "Isle of Capri" which is a beautiful island off the coast of Italy.  When my Dad had to name his shop, he wanted an exotic, international sounding name "and someone else had taken New York", my Dad reminisces, so he decided on "Capri". The Isle of Capri is renowned by its surrounding beautiful blue sea and is well known for its "Blue Grotto".   Besides this, "Capri" can be seen as being short for "Capricorn", and the Tropic of Capricorn goes through South Africa, which is where the shop operates from. "Cache" sounds just like "Cash", so the name tied in perfectly for my online shop. 

On the logo, is a depiction of a traditional Portuguese Caravel. It was in these vessels, hundreds of years ago, that the Portuguese set to sea to discover new lands and help map the continents that we know today. They were the first to find Southern Africa, after Barthomeleu Diaz set off on his voyage of discovery.  Then Vasco da Gama, rounded the Cape and took a break on Christmas Day on our East Coast which has "Natal" in its name because that means "Christmas" in Portuguese!  And of course Geocaching is all about discovery - discovering new places, hidden gems that you did not know existed!  The main caravel's sail is in blue, to link with Capri and my favourite colour.  It also bears one of the typical symbols of worldwide geocaching.

Of course, even though my shop is geared for the South African market, geocachers from overseas are welcome to purchase from it too. 

Feel free to browse the Product List and if there is something that you would like in particular but you cannot find it online, please do email me.

If you are in Johannesburg, you are welcome to visit my shop - please email me to make an appointment!

Warm regards